5 signs you might need a bookkeeper

Most people start a business because they are good at something – be it plumbing, photography or designing – and not because they’re good at paperwork. So when exactly does it become worth hiring a bookkeeper? This is different for everyone and every business. The answer is not how much you turnover, but rather it’s about your situation, your level of financial expertise and the complexity of the business.

5 ways you’re losing money

Let’s face it, being a woman can be very expensive. Unlike men, we can’t wear the same suit every day just with a different shirt; we have to pay for cosmetics, hair styling — and let’s not forget shoes and handbags — in order to appear professionally groomed.

So we need to be a little bit smarter than the guys with our money. Here are my 5 tips to helping you save some money in areas that you may not know you’re wasting it or don’t want to admit it.